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RMS currently operates six separate classrooms in three buildings in the Rockridge District of North Oakland. Once a parent enrolls his/her child into a program, they are assigned to that classroom and that campus. RMS offers enrollment based on which classrooms have availability at the time an offer is made. Children are only permitted on the campus at which they are enrolled. However the RMS community has many opportunities thoroughout the year to bond as a school both on-site and off-site.

5610 Broadway

The original RMS location, a converted two-story home at the northeast corner of Broadway and Manila, houses two preschool classrooms. The fenced yard contains a group of outdoor lunch tables and a colorful play structure. There is a continuous poured in place padding as well as artificial turf.

5616 Broadway

This two classroom location was opened in 2016 and was a conversion of a single-story, single family home into a two story school. This building hosts our infant/toddler classroom as well as a preschool classroom. This building also hosts our staff lounge!

5633 Manila Avenue

This renovated church building, operating as Rockridge Montessori School since 2004, features two preschool classrooms. The outdoor area offers play structures, poured in place padding as well as artificial turf.

Parking for all three Rockridge Montessori School buildings is available at 5633 Manila avenue and there is ample street parking in front of all buildings too!

RMS does kindly request all families that visit the school or are enrolled to be mindful of our neighborhood and community. Please never block a neighbors driveway and always drive slowly and cautiously, following all California Driving Rules and Regulations.

Earthquake Safety: We have retrofitted both school buildings to ensure your childs safety in the event of an earthquake. Among our earthquake safety features:

  • The building is bolted to the foundation.
  • Shear walls have been installed throughout.
  • RMS uses safety glass or protective plastic coating to cover the windows and doors.
  • Ceilings and walls have been strengthened with commercial, fire-rated drywall.
  • Fire sprinklers (at the Broadway campus), fire alarms, fire doors and safety exit doors have been installed throughout.
  • Fire and earthquake drills are practiced regularly.
  • Emergency supplies for each child are stored on campus.

Professional Playground Equipment:The school children simply think our playground is fun. They do not know that all of the equipment is professionally manufactured to exacting standards of safety. Plus, we regularly monitor and maintain each structure.

Playground Inspection: The playground has been inspected and adheres to the most current safety standards set by the State of California.

Security Key Cards: RMS has secured entry for enrolled families which require a pre-programmed card to work in conjunction with the entry system. RMS parents to have access to the classroom during the day during open hours.